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Paid Advertising Pricing in Bangladesh

Google Ads Pricing Packages

Package NameAds TypeDurationBudget (Cost)
Ads Package 786Display/ Search30 Days300$
Ads Package 787Display/ Search30 Days500$
Ads Package 788Search/ Display/ Video30 Days750$
Ads Package 789Search/ Display/ Video30 Days1000$
Ads Package 790Max Performance(Include: Search, Display, Video)30 Days3000$

Facebook Ads Pricing

Package NameAds GoalDurationBudget
Ads Package 791Sales30 Days150$
Ads Package 792Sales30 Days300$
Ads Package 793Sales30 Days500$
Ads Package 794Impression30 Days100$
Ads Package 795Impression30 Days150$
Ads Package 796Sales/ Impressions30 Days500$
Ads Package 797Sales/ Impressions30 Days1000$
Ads Package 798Lead7/15/30 Days100$/200$/400$
Ads Package 799Impressions/Leads/ Sales60 Days2500$

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Appear Tech’s Provide the Digital Services Local & International Market and Best Prices [BD Currency]

SlService NameDetailsDelivery TimeMarket Best Price
1Facebook Business Page Regular PackagePage Create, Setup, Professional Style, Cover & Profile Design, and 2 Post Design2 days2900
2Facebook Page Advance SEO Professional Page SEO, 10 Post design, 10 content create and publish, Keyword and Competitor research, hash tag research, total page optimizations.2-3 days5000
3Facebook Page Premium SEO Premium Page SEO, 20 Post design, 20 content create and publish, 30 Keywords and Competitor research, 30 hash tag research, total page & URL optimization.3-5 days9000
4Website design [Any type of company or personal website – Regular] Free .com domain and 100% responsive.5-7 days20000
5Website design & development [WordPress with UI/UX]Free .com domain and hosting5 – 7 days29000
6Web development [Laravel with Pure Responsive]You will get a complete website without domain & hosting 30 days290000
7Website development [Shopify – Ecommerce]Completely & Make Run. Monthly Shopify Platform Fee [7000]15 days41000
8Website development [Bootstrap – Premium CMS]As your regular requirements [contact for customize develop]7-15 days71000
9Website development Pure Code [HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP]A complete business or personal web designing & developments30 – 60 days95000
10eCommerce website design & development [WordPress]100% secure, ready to sale product, and SEO-friendly7 – 10 days62000
11Domain [.com] YearlySecured1 hour1500
12Domain [.com Premium] YearlyVerified Secured1 day10000-100000
13Hosting [Shared – SSD 10GB] YearlyLightweight and Awesome support!1 hour3600
14Hosting [Shared – SSD 20GB] YearlySuper fast and Awesome support!1 hour6000
15Hosting [Shared – SSD 100GB] YearlyA Top level hosting that’s will get amazing experience1 hour15000
16Hosting Dedicated Servers [2X 500 GB SSD] MonthlyThe pro host package8 hour33000
17Facebook Page Like/Follower per 1000Not organic!1 day250
18Logo Design [Regular, 2D, Unique]Customize 1 time1 day1500
19Logo Design [Professonal, 3D, Unique]Customize 2 times3 days5000
20Banner Design [Print Ready]High quality file1 day4000
21Poster Design [Print Ready]High quality ready file1 day3000
22Business Card Design 2D [Print Ready]Regular 2D1 day1500
23Business Card Design 3D [Print Ready]Regular 3D2 day4000
24Company Profile Design [10+ pages] [Print Ready]Premium design and quality [Guarantee]7 days15000
25Brochure [10+ pages] [Print Ready]Premium art and quality guarantee7 days15000
26Any kind of single design [Multi Use]Only online use file you get1 day1500
27YouTube Channel CreateOur special technique will use for this1 – 3 day10000
28YouTube Channel SEO [with Channel Creation]Satisfaction guarantee!3 day15000
29YouTube Channel Video SEO [Organic Promotion]The guarantee successful work and Top place on YouTube Search Results7 – 14 days35000
30Video Creation [1 – 3 Minutes] Image/Animation/Text/VoiceHigh Quality resolution1 day3000
31Video Creation [3 – 7 Minutes] Image/Animation/Text/VoiceHD, Premium Quality1 day7000
32Video Creation [7 – 12 Minutes] Image/Animation/Text/VoiceHD, Premium2 days10000
33Video Creation [10 Minutes + with Real man/woman]4K, Premium 3 days20000
34Content Writing [Per 100 Words]So benefitted1 day150
35Content Development [Per 100 Words]Will make amazing art!1 day300
36Website SEO Monthly [Local] {Need 1-6 months for Rank}5 targeted local keywords30 – 180 days21000
37Website SEO Monthly [Professional] {Need 1-6 months for Rank}5 targeted keywords30 -180 days30000
38Google Business Map CreateFor local branding1 -3 days3000
39Google Business Map SEO {Need 1-3 months for Rank}We will do everything30 – 90 days20000
40Digital marketing service Combo Package [Monthly] Sales Increase Guarantee!Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Post design, Content Desig & Create, Regular Update, Research and Analysis for Business.30 days25000
41Google Ads ServiceGoogle Ads Account Setup with keyword research3 – 5 days9000
42Facebook Ads ServiceFacebook Ads Account Setup with keyword research3 – 5 days7000
43YouTube Ads ServiceYouTube Ads Account Setup with keyword research3 – 5 days5000
44Business Plan [Perfect for physical and Digital world]Digital marketing plan, Brand promote plan, Physical marketing plan15 – 30 daysFree – 50000
45Packaging Design [Label, Sticker, Source & Print-Ready Files]1x Packaging /x1 Full Wrap Label 3D Mockup1 – 3 days8500
46Instagram ServicePhoto design, post design, reels design, profile Optimize 5000
47Twitter servicePhoto design, post design, profile SEO Optimize 5000
48Android Mobile Apps DevelopmentInstallation Android Studio, text update, solution code, paddingAsk for deliveryAsk for price
49Apple Mobile Apps DevelopmentInstallation Android Studio, text update, solution code, padding, color, and many moreAsk for deliveryAsk for price
50Computer Software DevelopmentContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price
51School Management SoftwareContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price
52CRM SoftwareContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price
53Pose SoftwareContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price
54Inventory Management System SoftwareContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price
55ERP SoftwareContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price
56Custom SoftwareContact for detailsAsk for deliveryAsk for price