Best Facebook Business Page Setup with 10 Essential Features: Boost Your Online Presence

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Professionally Your Facebook Business Page Setup to Get More Audience


  1. Professional Page Create
  2. Page Insight Analysis & Update
  3. Businesses Profile Design
  4. Profile Cover Design
  5. Professional Style
  6. 2 Post Design
  7. Full Set-Up Business Manager


Why is a Facebook Business Page Setup Necessary?

To survive in today’s digital and competitive market, setting up a professional Facebook business page is a must. Now the question is why there are so many social media-only Facebook pages. 3.05 billion worldwide FB users from other social platforms every month. [Ref: Google]. The number of active users in Bangladesh is 70 million.

Facebook business page special helps to directly connect with your audience easily. A business page plays an important role in finding your potential customers easily, building strong relationships, and engaging with them. Here you can have regular activities. You can easily inform potential customers about your business and products as it can easily reach more people. And the most important part is that you can generate sales by retargeting customers within a business page. Boosting has some special features that will bring more benefits to your organization.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook business page acts as a public profile on Facebook. Which is specially designed for businesses, organizations, and the public to increase their visibility and reach. Having an FB business page is essential. By following or “liking” FB business pages, consumers gain access to posts, photos, and videos shared by their favorite brands, companies, and creators. which enables them to connect and engage with their interests. Recently Facebook changed its name to “Meta” which is used for rebranding.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager provides a comprehensive overview of page management. It is a management tool that focuses primarily on page settings and asset management rather than audience communication. Its main purpose is to manage your assets efficiently. and ensuring your business adheres to Facebook’s best practices. It offers a wide range of ads to launch.

Creator Studio Facebook Business Manager Features:

  • Create Post
  • Insight
  • Content Library
  • Inbox
  • Monetization
  • Creative Tools
  • Recommendations
  • Post Status

How to Make Money from The Facebook Page?

With a Facebook business page, you can earn money by advertising your content as well. When your page gets 10000 followers and a total minutes of 600,000 views in 60 days then you can also enable monetization and earn. Easily earned by adding in-stream ads to the page’s live, on-demand videos. You can benefit from using a FB page for multiple purposes like business & influencer.

How Do I Create A Facebook Business Page?

There are 2 ways you need to create a FB business page.

  1. Hire a digital solutions company
  2. Or, follow these methods and make your own

Facebook Business Page Create

  • Go to FB login
  • First, click on Menu and then click on Page option (FB left-hand panel)
  • The “Create a new page” Click on this option
  • Now, type your business name and category
  • Add your business bio
  • Select “Create Page Button”.
  • Add all details of your business
  • Upload a business logo and cover photo
  • Then check your PageRank score.

Now I suggest you if you are starting a new business, you hire a company to set up your business page professionally. Because they will work using SEO techniques.

From your business name to your full page setup, keyword research, and market and competitor research are very important. And most applicable SEO techniques. Appear Tech provides a perfect business page designed to promote your business. We professionally help fill in your business information and optimize your business page. So, if you need a professional Facebook business page setup, If you want you can contact us directly for this task. We are active online 24/7.

Our Facebook Business Page Setup Package Features:

  • Perfect Page Create

  • Professional Page Set-up

  • Uses Creative Tools

  • Setup Recommendation Analysis & Improve

  • Regular Active

  • Improve Page Quality & Level

  • Page Settings & Role Manage

  • Add Profile & Cover

  • Add Professional About Section Research Keywords and Competitors Research for Page Setup

Extra Features:

  • 24/7 Emergency Support

  • 7+ Years Work Experience


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