Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Website Landing Page Design

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Website Landing Page Design

What is a website landing page or Landing page website? 

A landing page is a web page on your website made to achieve a specific goal. Best landing page serves a specific purpose in website marketing or advertising campaigns. The website is where visitors go after clicking on a link or ad. The purpose is to motivate them to do something, like sign up, buy, or share their contact info. The designers made these pages simple and clear, so visitors can finish tasks.

A website landing page is a single goal where users focus on key information. Users find lead capture pages through ads, homepages, social media, search results, and emails. A good landing-page can affect how many people buy something and how well a marketing plan works.It’s have a unique purpose. They aim to convert visitors into leads and customers. A landing-page acts as a dedicated web page aimed at persuading users to take a specific action.

Here is some of Appear Tech best website landing-page design portfolio

Creating an Effective Landing-Page & Drive More Traffic to Your Landing-Page steps

To create an effective landing page, it is important to define the purpose, target audience, and key message. The design should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for mobile devices. A strong headline, persuasive copy, and clear call-to-action are essential elements to include. Additionally, conducting A/B testing and analyzing data can help optimize a website landing- page’s performance.

Landing Page Optimization: 

  • SEO [keywords optimization, unique & quality content, meta tag optimization]
  • Social Media Marketing [Shareable Content on social sites, Paid advertising]
  • Email Marketing [Email campaign, audience retention]
  • Content marketing [blogging guest posting]
  • Referral Traffic [Affiliate Marketing, Referral Programs ]
  • Optimise Page [CTA, mobile optimization, A/B testing]
  • Networking build & Collaboration [Forums & groups Engagements]
  • Analytics and Optimization [Track metrics, continuous improvement]

Why Landing-Page is Important for a Business

Landing page importance: Landing pages play an important role in online marketing campaigns. They provide a focused and targeted approach to engage visitors and guide them toward a desired course of action. By eliminating confusion and providing relevant information, landing-pages increase the likelihood of conversions and help businesses achieve their marketing objectives.

Landing-pages are an essential tool for digital marketers to increase user conversion rates and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. By providing a clear and focused message, relevant content, and a streamlined design, It can help drive visitors to a specific goal or call to action (for direct sales). This pages perform A/B testing, lead generation and sales growth, marketing campaign effectiveness, targeted audience engagement, improved user experience, measurable conversion rates, etc.

How to Create a Landing-Page Design

Creating a single property page design requires maintaining certain steps that depend on technical skills, available tools, and resources. Steps to create a basic and effective page.

Targeting: Is the purpose of the static page to collect email sign-ups, promote a product, offer a free resource, etc?

Select the right platform or tool: use WordPress (with page builder plugins), dedicated landing-page tools such as LeadPages, or website builders such as Unbounce, or use programming coding.

Choosing an appropriate template or design: Choose a template or customizable block that aligns with the goal. 

landing page website

Craft Engaging Content: Use engaging and hook-grab content. Keep the content short and highlight the benefits or solutions offered. Visuals should include relevant images or videos that convey the correct message of the target. The call-to-action (CTA) button should be compelling and guide visitors on the next step they should take.

Create an attractive form: If visitors need to collect any information, design a simple form that only asks for the necessary information so that visitors can easily fill it.

Ensuring Mobile Optimization: Optimise your landing-page to be mobile-responsive. Many visitors access websites through their mobile devices so it needs to be all device optimised.

Integrated Tracking and Analytics: It is very important to set up analytics tools like Google Analytics to track visitor behavior and measure destination page performance.

A/B Testing and Reviewing: Before launching the destination page must be tested, checking for errors, form functionality, and how it displays on different devices and browsers.

Publish and Promote: After all the above activities of the squeeze page are managed correctly, the last step is to publish and share it by following the right marketing strategy through relevant channels like social media, email campaigns, and advertisements to drive traffic to the page.

Best Landing Page Builder

Choosing the perfect landing page builder can be a difficult task as it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Unbounce: This platform is famous for its powerful drag-and-drop builder, A/B testing capabilities, and extensive templates. It is perfect for creating high-converting landing-pages.

LeadPages: With its simple interface, variety of templates, and features like A/B testing, integration with different platforms, and lead generation tools, LeadPages is a great option for beginners.

Instapage: This platform offers advanced features for conversion optimization, collaboration tools, A/B testing, and integration with popular marketing platforms, making it ideal for experienced marketers.

Elementor (WordPress Plugin): If you use WordPress, Elementor is a popular and flexible page builder plugin that lets you create land pages visually. It offers a wide array of widgets, templates, and customization options.

ClickFunnels: More than just a landing page builder, ClickFunnels specializes in creating sales funnels including landing pages, upsell pages, and more. It is known for its simplicity in creating complete marketing funnels.

Wix: This website builder offers a simple drag-and-drop interface, suitable for beginners, with a variety of templates including options for land pages.

ConvertKit: Although primarily an email marketing platform, ConvertKit also offers a simple landing page creator and email marketing features, ideal for those focused on building email lists.

HubSpot: When choosing a landing page builder, it’s important to consider things like ease of use, customization options, integration with other tools you use (email marketing, CRM, etc.), pricing, A/B testing capabilities, mobile responsiveness, and customer support.

Getresponse: Landing site Plugin Integrate Beautiful GetResponse Forms for your marketing and maximise your transformations incontinently. Capture leads on your squeeze Page and shoot them directly to GetResponse.

There are Different Types of Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages: These are specially designed to collect essential visitor details like name, email address, or phone number. In exchange for this information, visitors are provided with a valuable free resource or offer, such as an eBook, white paper, or webinar. These landing pages are strategically designed to include a lead form and a catchy headline that effectively communicates the benefits of the offer.

Click-Through Landing Pages (Calls to action-CTA):

A CPA landing page, also known as a per-action/acquisition landing page, is specifically designed to drive visitors to a specific action that leads to a conversion or acquisition for the advertiser. To create an effective CPA landing page, clear call-to-action (CTA), concise content, visuals and design, form optimization, etc. are key factors to consider.

These campaigns focus on actions such as signing up for a service, submitting contact information, downloading a resource, or making a purchase. The main goal of these pages is to optimize and encourage visitors to complete the desired task, often by providing a clear incentive or value proposition.

E-commerce Landing Page

These e-commerce lead capture page are special web pages strategically designed to encourage visitors to purchase and entice them to take action. It showcases the unique features of the product or service and employs a persuasive call to action. E-commerce landing pages are the ultimate tool to drive sales and conversions.

Unlike typical lead capture pages that focus on lead capture or promoting a specific offer, an e-commerce landing page is geared directly toward selling products. To create an effective eCommerce landing page, it’s important to focus on the product, simplify navigation, build trust and credibility, optimize for mobile, offer incentives, and conduct A/B testing. Shopify is a great platform that offers customizable templates and tools designed specifically for eCommerce.

Bootstrap Landing Page:

A Bootstrap land page is a web page that uses the Bootstrap framework to create a modern and attractive website or landcapture page. Bootstrap provides a set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components and utilities that make it easy to build responsive and mobile-first websites and web applications. To create a Bootstrap-based landing site, you need to download and include Bootstrap files in your HTML document, structure your HTML using Bootstrap elements, customize and style the page using custom CSS or Bootstrap themes, Bootstrap’s mobile-optimized approach Ensure responsive design using and implements various elements such as navigation, hero sections, features or benefits sections, calls-to-action, and footers.

Squeeze Landing Page: squeeze pages are designed to capture email addresses for future marketing campaigns. An effective squeeze landing page is specifically designed to achieve one primary objective. This is accomplished by capturing visitor information, usually an email address or other contact details, in exchange for something of value, such as a complimentary ebook, registration for a webinar, or exclusive content.

Sales Landing Page: Sales pages focus on persuading visitors to make a purchase. Landing Page

The landing page at is a way for users to start, manage, and organize their websites using Google Sites. This platform enables users to create simple websites and web pages without the need for advanced technical skills. Landing-pages may contain links to help users navigate and maximize the features of Google Sites, such as creating a new site from scratch, browsing designed templates, etc. It is constantly improving features to enhance the user experience. Landing-Page

System.IO is an essential namespace within the .NET Framework, designed specifically for It is not an independent website or landing-page, but an important component of the framework.

What does have to offer? offers a destination page builder that can effortlessly create high-converting pages using user-friendly, aesthetic, and updated templates, designing, and elements drag-and-drop editor. Better to use to speed up the process of a simple landing-page.

  • Sales funnel 
  • Email marketing
  • Website builder 
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate program 
  • Evergreen webinar run 
  • Drop shipper 
  • Automate business 

Through it, a landing page can be created very easily using updated templates of various tips including educational resources, developer resources, product offerings, community or forums, technical information, and newsletters.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes in creating a website landing page design

Not Clear Goal:  A common mistake on squeeze pages is too many conversion goals. To avoid these it is important to focus on one main goal.

Not Using a Navigation Menu & Footer: One mistake is not having a navigation menu and footer on a destination page. These things can distract visitors and prevent them from converting.

Lack of Mobile Optimization: Not optimising a static page for mobile devices is a big mistake. To attract mobile users, ensure that you optimise the landing page for mobile devices. Ensure that the website works well on all screen sizes for a smooth user experience.

Use of Unclear or Weak Calls-To-Action (CTA): A website land page must have a clear and compelling CTA. Make sure your CTAs are visible and direct visitors to the next step, like signing up or buying.

Cluttered or Confusing Design: Make the squeeze page simple. Don’t put too much information, confusing visuals, or complex navigation.

Strong Headline and Messaging: Make sure your headline and main message are strong, clear, and match your (CTA) call to action. If the headline doesn’t show its value or relevance, the visitor may lose interest.

Not Testing and Repeating: Skipping testing and repeating is a common mistake. Conduct A/B testing on various elements such as CTAs, headlines, and visuals. Continuous optimization based on data is key to improving performance.

What is Landing Page Design in WordPress

A landing page, also known as a call to action (CTA) page, is a web page on your site designed to achieve a specific goal. In WordPress, it serves the same purpose as on other platforms. There are several ways to create and manage lead capture pages in WordPress, including using page builders, landing-page templates, or dedicated landing-page plugins. The ultimate goal of a WordPress landing-page is to encourage visitors to take a specific action. These pages can be optimized for search engines, integrated with email marketing tools, and tracked using analytics to measure their effectiveness in converting visitors to leads or customers.

Landing Page VS Website/ Homepage 

landing page vs website

Website design and landing page design have different purposes and features.

Website/ Homepage:

Website design includes the overall structure of a site with multiple pages. It covers the entire structure, layout and content of a website, including multiple pages such as home, about, services, contact etc. Websites usually have a navigation menu that allows users to explore different sections and pages within the site. It generally aims to provide detailed information about a business, its services, products and other relevant details. And serve different multi-functions by fulfilling different aspects of business or organisation.

Landing Page: 

A lead page in digital marketing parlance refers to a unique webpage designed specifically for marketing or advertising purposes. It acts as a destination and it increases the chances of businesses targeting a specific audience where visitors “land” after clicking on a link from various sources such as email, Google or Bing ads, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other similar platforms on the Internet. .

These static page are strategically designed to encourage visitors to take a desired action, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or engaging with a specific service. They are usually created with a clear call-to-action (lead capture), concise information, visuals that increase engagement, and minimal navigation options to keep visitors focused on the main objective.


The first webpage a visitor sees when clicking on a link from a different source, such as a search engine result, an ad, an email, or a social media post, is known as a website landing page. A landing page design focuses on creating a page that is customised to motivate a specific action or objective, such as registering for a service, purchasing a product or subscribing to a newsletter. The best landing page is an important part of website marketing or advertising campaigns. plays a role.

Creating and designing a landing page involves several steps. Like defining goal set, choosing platform and right tools, design, content creation, mobile optimisation, A/B testing etc. A landing page design should be eye-catching and concise, it helps generate more traffic and/or sales.

Landing page Design:

Landing page design, on the other hand: Landing pages are single web pages designed with a specific goal in mind, often to convert visitors into leads or customers. They are created for a specific campaign, promotion, or product, with the goal of driving visitors to a specific action, such as signing up, downloading, or purchasing. Landing pages often have minimal navigation options, focusing on the primary call-to-action (CTA). The content of landing pages is concise and designed to encourage visitors to take the desired action quickly.


Website/ Homepage Design: 

A homepage serves as a single element within a comprehensive website. It contains a large amount of information and is primarily aimed at familiarising visitors with your company. Typically the homepage extends an invitation to explore and delve into the brand.

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